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Precision Aerobatics Ultimate AMR- bipe

If you demand high performance precision flying, high energy 3D/freestyle aerobatics, extremely light and rigid Biplane, the Ultimate AMR is the machine of choice for you. Forget what you have heard about bipes..Hard to handle? Stalls easily? a handful to land? well CERTAINLY NOT WITH THIS ONE. Many months of design, testing and experimentation brought about this exceptional model. The new Ultimate AMR features the revolutionary FiberFusion┬« construction making it the lightest electric built up Biplane produced to date in this size ÔÇô about 38.45oz ready to fly (!!!) yet is rigid enough to withstand the most extreme high energy maneuvers we know you will be tempted to try! FiberFusion┬« is an engineered construction method, combining carbon fiber, balsa and ply in a way never seen before, utilizing the strengths of the fibers within each raw material, with the end result being lighter, stronger, more rigid aircraft that fly like nothing else!

Product details

Please note if the colour you ask for is not avalible we will send you a colour that is avalible unless you request to be back ordered
Wing span - 40 inch / 1014mm
Length - 43.08 inch / 1095mm
Wing area - 582.4 sq inch
AUW (ready to fly including battery) per our last prototype ~ 38.45oz / 1089gr
Wing loading - approx 9.5oz sq ft!!
Drive System
Required for completing the kit:
Motor: PA Thrust 40 brushless outrunner
ESC: PA Quantum 45A ESC
Servos: 4 Nexatec NXT 80-DSM servo
LiPo pack: PA V3 11.1V 2200mAh 30-60C
Prop: VOX 14x7 or 13x6.5 wooden

This plane is nearly complete and has very little left for you to do:
We assemble each airframe before shipping to ensure wing incidence, alignment and fit. All you need to do is bolt on the wings!!
Wings and ailerons are pre-hinged and sealed in the factory!
Horizontal stabilizer and elevator are pre-hinged and sealed in the factory!
CNC machined CF cabane and struts tabs are pre installed in the wings accurately in the factory.
CA hinges already pre-glued on the rudder side.
Horizontal stabilizer with the elevator pre-hinged and sealed.
Fiberglass cowling is pre cut and is reinforced with carbon fiber. Its aerodynamic design allows air to flow in and cool the motor, battery and ESC for maximum setup efficiency. Two air scoops are also included in the kit.
Prefabricated and pre-painted tinted canopy and hatch as one integral unit attached to the model with very strong magnets.
Pre-drilled robust Carbon Fiber landing gear and pre-installed blind nuts in the fuselage for quick installation.
Pre assembled and glued motor box with the correct thrust angles already built in (taking away the guess work).
Pre-drilled FiberFusion® firewall is ready for Thrust 40 outrunner installation.
Pre-cut painted fiberglass wheel pants (optional carbon wheel pants are available)
Semi-fabricated heavy duty Carbon fiber push rods.
Pre-drilled Carbon fiber control horns.
Pre-installed battery and RX Velcro fasteners.
Pre-assembled tail wheel.

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