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Scorpion SII-2215-1127KV (V2)

Scorpion Competition Series Brushless Motors are built from the best materials available,

Scorpion SII-2215-1400KV (V2)

Scorpion SII-2215-1400KV (V2) They are designed and precisely constructed using the most advanced CNC components to reach the highest and strictest quality standards to give years of top-level performance. Scorpion SII-22 series motors have high quality ball bearings to support the shaft and provide a long life. The stators are made with 0.20mm laminations for maximum efficiency and minimum Eddy Current losses. Also included on the motor are ultra-flexible motor leads with high temperature silicone rubber insulation and 3.5mm bullet connectors already installed.
(2 items) 1 page