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Good news we are back with Castle Creations and have had the first part of the order delivered CC Bec 2 Program cards for both Air and Ground Talon 90 60 and 25 are back in stock
New shipment from Tattu has arived and the Daves toys packs are about 2 weeks away
We also have many moulded models F5J from Vladimir Models, Nan Models, Soaring Lab USA's Voyger, Samba Models and Kappa 3.5.
We also have the agency for Jims Aero models with the Neutreno and Aloha for the new commers to keep the price down. We also have the agency with Baudis so if you want F3B or GPS we can help you.
New shipment of Power Line motors and YGE esc have arrived so if you are in lock down like us in Melbourne why not get your new models and build them so you are ready for the new season

Dave's Toys would like to thank all our customers for their support over the years, helping to keep us in the shrinking world of RC Hobby wholesalers and retailers. Your support helps us to keep prices at an affordable level.
Looking forward we have new Models from Baudismodel, Jim's Aero, NAN models, Samba Models, Soaring Lab and of course Vladimirs' models arriving soon. LINK HERE

New for this month

Daves Toys is happy to announce 2 new models for this month
Vladimir has done it again and we now have a New DLG called Yoda
This is the latest state of the art for DLG models
This model has many new features and floats very well
It now has 4 servo wing that gives you mor adjustable features on the wing

Daves toys is also now the Australian distributor for soaringlab and will have the first and latest F5j model called the Voyager
This is a very good-looking model and low weight to go with it
Stocks will land very soon
We also have stocks of the strong Xplorer Q and Xplorer BF
Vladimir models are also coming every 4-6 weeks and we have a very good range of the models from the Elf to the Plus X

The Best for last are the New range of

Tattu Batteries

MKS Australia

Dave's Toys has now been appointed as the Australian Distributor for
Precision Aerobatics

Some Kits are now in stock
New kit shipment with the XR61

Available Now

So place your order so you dont miss out

New shipments just landed
Hacker Models

Vagabond 1500 ARF foil covered
LUNAK ARF YELLOW foil covered

New stock of F5J Models
just landed

Hot of the press Daves Toys have the New BF Xplorer
We are the only Distributor for NaN Models in Australia approved by the Nan factory
We now have the Big F;lap Xplorer E in 3.8M and 4m
Standard Model weights from 920g plus gear

Also about to land is the Vladimir models Plus X 4M

Car Jump starter 20000mAh


Battery Type: A Grade Lithium Polymer Battery (Nano Tech)
Capacity: 20000mAh Input: 15V/1A
Car Jump Starter: 12V Laptop Charging Port: 12V/16V/19V
USB Port: 5V/2.1A
Starting Current: 450A Perk Current: 900A
Operating Temperature Range: -20?~60?
Fully Change time: Around 4-5hrs
Size: 140×80×19mm Weight: 625g

Application: 1, Car (12V car battery) ?6.0L Gasoline?3.0L Diesel, 2, Charge For Mobile Phone, PSP, MP3/MP4/MP5, Camera,Laptop,Tablet PC,PDA
1. Battery Clip for the emergency car jump starter
2. Car Charger for emergency car jump starter
3. Home Charger
4. Laptop Interface
5. Laptop Adapter Cable
6. Mobile Phone Interface
7. Mobile Phone Adapter Cable emergency car jump starter

If there is a product you need in most cases we can supply so if you can't find it on my site please Email me and I will try to arrange it for you
You can see Hyperion models flying at most clubs Around Australia
We are also one of Australia's largest stockist's of Thermal models and have a very large range of Electric powered gliders along with Electric power planes Please note the freight will be worked out on each shipment as it is charger on a cubic kilo
We were very proud to have had the opportunity to help send Australia's first junior F3J pilot to the 2008 F3J world champs with the donation of a new Shadow 3.7m glider

Good news the Jeti DS24& DC24 has now been certified and stock has land this week so place your orders now to resurve 1 before stock runs out

Daves Toys for Big Boys - Jeti Australia Distributor

Dave's Toys for Big Boys has been selling JETI in Australia, with Australian approvals, since 2014. We will continue to service our loyal customers with JETI products well into the future. We have promoted JETI on our website, in both Australian RC Flying publications and at numerous competitions since 2014.

Now that we have created a market in Australia for JETI,we will try our best to bring you the customer the best price and service

Dave's Toys for Big Boys will match or beat the price of any JETI product found advertised on an Australian website below our price.