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Vladimir models Plus F5J

PLUS is the F5J without any compromises. PLUS is a newest 2017 unique project of Joe Wurts + Vladimir’s Model expressly for F5J competition. Airfoils and wing planform was optimized according to Reynolds numbers for best thermaling and best wind penetration of ultralight model.

Vladimir models Plus X

Over the entire F5J season, the PLUS has shown what's in it. Even a few victories and many good placements prove the excellent design of the PLUS. At the same time, the polarizing and uncompromising design has split the world of pilots. Either you like the PLUS or you do not like it. So many pilots had the desire to build our PLUS wing on a "normal" hull.

Kappa 20

Model KAPPA is competitive glider for F5J / outruner category. The model is powered by electricity, what is provided by 3-phase motor with a rotating cover. This model is designed for competition thermal flying but is also suitable for leisure time and relaxing. The newly developed profile provides excellent flight characteristics.

KAPPA 25 Glass

We are pleased to introduce the latest in F5J & ALES technology! The KAPPA 2,5m, Fully Molded, Competition Electric Sailplane. This plane has an almost unbelievable appearance, it its strikingly BEAUTIFUL with nothing but the highest quality fit and finish. Suburb handling, extremely light weight, and a very high level of completion right out of the box makes this plane a winner on the highest level

Kappa 35

The Kappa 35 is probably the best pure F5J plane yet. It is amazingly light, it is a superb design and it is built to a very high standard. The Kappa 35's advanced structural design ensures it is strong enough for its intended mission, and its finish, completeness and attention to detail is outstanding. The model really is almost ready to fly, with all the wing control horns and pushrods ready fitted, so the only work required to finish the wings is to fit the servos. The rudder horn is also fitted, and all the tail pushrod and servo mounting hardware is supplied

Vladimir Models Maxa Pro E

Maxa Pro Electric is a New Model for 2014 It is based on the using of wings Maxa 3,5 and Maxa 4, well-proven since 2011. Great wind penetration and unique soaring characteristics of profiles and geometry of the wing provide perfect aerodynamics, developed by multiple world champion Joe Wurtz. Continuous optimization of wing design using the newest materials allowed to expand the range of wings from Maxa Ultralight for electric version to high-strength for version Maxa 4 Storm.

Vladimir Models Sprite Electric

Sprite - is a new generation of 2-meter gliders from Vladimir's Model. This model is made for experienced pilots, who can fully appreciate its unique aerodynamic characteristics calculated by Dr. Drela. Our original design delivers incredible strength with minimal weight. Sprite is very easy to accelerate, it has an excellent penetration ability and does not lose speed in a turn. Sprite is available in two versions of the wing construction: •Sprite HOT (wing has one kink in the middle); •Sprite Thermal (wing has three inflection on the front view);

Vladimir Models SUPRA Expert EL

New age of Electric gliders Supra Expert E This is an upgrade of the much loved Supra Pro

Supra PRO Competition E

The Supra-e Pro Competition Glass has the standard F3J Supra Competition Glass, wing and tail, with an electric fuselage, making it suitable for all types of electric r/c thermal soaring competitions. This version has a winchable wing with a full F3J strength carbon spar and is capable of aerobatics and high energy flight and the new drag-reducing narrow pod. We have versions with both the built-up "Competition" and the classic molded tail surfaces to suit modellers to want the minimum weight, or a sexier all molded model.

Vladimir Models mini graphite el

A super fast, fully moulded model for all-round use. This model is outstanding in all areas, a high-speed electric Hotliner, a high-speed slope soarer or a thermal seeking flat field glider, the Mini Graphite does it all. This outstanding model is equally at home on the slope or the flat field with its well-balanced flight performance and outstanding thermal seeking capability.

Vladimir models GRAPHITE 2

Graphite 2e The Vladimir's Models Graphite 2e is a 3.1m no compromise high performance glider/hotliner for experienced r/c electric glider modellers. The aerodynamic qualities have been further improved over the original Graphite with the assistance of Dr Drela. The wing uses the popular MH32 section, is all molded, and of exceptional quality and surface finish, with the lay-up designed to combine extraordinary strength with comparative low weight.

E-Flite Mystique ARF EP Glider, 2.9m

Overview The Mystique glider from E-Flite is a beautiful sailplane with great climb and soaring ability. Features ?Can fly as an electric or pure sailplane ?Covered in Hangar 9 UltraCote and UltraCote Lite film ?Wooden plug-in wings with hinged flaps and ailerons ?Fiberglass fuselage with vertical fin ?Sailplane control with adjustable wing camber ?Easy access with large canopy ?Carbon fibre wing and stabilizer joiners

Nan models Omega 2mE

Omega is a 2m span electric powered glider and is suitable for any 2M Electric class contests or can be flown just for fun. The model has a two piece Carbon D-Box wing that offers strength and lightness. The wing allows a quicker build time as the brass control horns screw directly into the control surfaces. The Fuselage has enough room for motors up to 28mm diameter and will accept 3 cell Lipo/Life batteries. The servos are housed in their own compartment on the underside side of the fuselage below the wing. 2 micro servos will fit there to control the X Tail elevator and rudder. Fuselage push-rods are pre-installed.

Nan Models Orion Mini Xplorer 2.4m

The Orion is a new model for 2010. The model has a wing span of 2.414 mm and constructed using a Carbon D-Box leading edge for extra strength and stiffness. The wing profile NAN F3J is the same as the larger Xplorer F3J. The 2.4 friendly fuselage can take motors up to 36mm diameter and 3 cell lipo's. Fuselage servos are mounted just rear of the wing in specially formed recesses to help with weight distribution

Vladimir Models Super AVA Pro full house Glider or Electric

Super AVA pro 3.7 - also called a Super AVA 4 Flap wing Glider or Electric Place in the order notes what version you are after

AVA Pro-e Electric F5J 3.2m

AVA Pro-e Electric F5J The Vladimir's Models AVA Pro-e is an improved version of the world renowned electric AVA. Probably no rudder-elevator-spoiler (RES) eSoarer has a better reputation and a more illustrious contest record than the AVA, so improving this already superb model is no mean feat. However Vladimir has incorporated these very significant upgrades in the AVA Pro-e: - The electric fuselage pod has been totally redesigned to use a beautifully executed canopy hatch rather than a nosecone, allowing the battery to be inserted and connected easily, improving usability on the field. Also the very slim slim pod has a carefully engineered wing pylon to reduce interference drag.

AVA PRO Flapped E

AVA PRO Flapped Span 3175mm (125") Length 1700mm (67") Weight 1235g (43,6 oz) Wing area 67,9 sq dm (1052sq in) Wing Airfoil AG24/AG25/AG26 Stabilizer airfoil HT14/HT15 Fin airfoil HT13/HT12 Control elements: Elevator, Rudder, Flap


Super AVA PRO Span 3730mm (147") Length 1850mm (72,8") Weight 1340g (47,2 oz) Wing area 82,26 sq dm (1275sq in) Wing Airfoil AG24/AG25/AG26 Stabilizer airfoil HT14/HT15 Fin airfoil HT13/HT12 Control elements: Elevator, Rudder, two spoilers
(18 items) 1 page