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Dymond D 1.5 submicro servo

Currently the lightest servo for indoor projects. Convert a vintage rubber power airplane into RC control. Or make a mini airplane to fly in the house. Spindle drive. Only 1.5 g with JST connector. A little heavier with JR connector torque 0.2kg/cm speed 0.12 sec weight 1.5 g Volts 3.7-5 V (1 Lipo cell) Dimensions smaller than a Radio crystal

Dymond D 47 Sub Micro Power

Dymond D47 Sub Micro Power Servo. Only 4.7 g Powerful, sturdy, ultra slim and precise. Excellent centering. 20oz torque and 0.14 sec fast. 5 horns and side mount included. Lowest amp draw. Only 80 mA average. Clever side channel for servo cable

Dymond D 60 Sub Micro

Dymond D60 Sub Micro Servo Powerful, super slim, 24oz torque. Fast. Reg. 24.95 extreme thin and powerful. High precision and excellent centering. No backlash. Preferred for HLGs and thin hotliner wings
(3 items) 1 page