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Dymond D 1.5 submicro servo

Currently the lightest servo for indoor projects. Convert a vintage rubber power airplane into RC control. Or make a mini airplane to fly in the house. Spindle drive. Only 1.5 g with JST connector. A little heavier with JR connector torque 0.2kg/cm speed 0.12 sec weight 1.5 g Volts 3.7-5 V (1 Lipo cell) Dimensions smaller than a Radio crystal

Dymond D 47 Sub Micro Power

Dymond D47 Sub Micro Power Servo. Only 4.7 g Powerful, sturdy, ultra slim and precise. Excellent centering. 20oz torque and 0.14 sec fast. 5 horns and side mount included. Lowest amp draw. Only 80 mA average. Clever side channel for servo cable
(2 items) 1 page