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Vladimir models Yoda F3K

Yoda F3K- is the new F3K Generation from Master Joe Wurts. Yoda F3K is the best DLG for the Top Pilots: Best thermaling due Multidihedral wing; Best penetration due newest Joe’s airfoils with extra wide flap; Highest launch due low drag optimization.

Vladimir models Snipe 2 E

Snipe 2/2 Electric Extremely portable Snipe 2/2 El allows you to bring the model with you anywhere. The box dimensions for the single model is just 810x190x70 mm.

Vladimir models ELF Pro EL

ELF Pro El is electric version of the Worldwide known mini 1m DLG Elf. Motor included

Vladimir Models Snipe 2

Snipe 2 In preparation for the F3K World Championship 2017 was made a batch of experimental Snipe SN with 1 degree insidence in wing. Consequently the stabilizer was lifted up on 25 mm (in flight) with the aim to decrease the air stream’s influence going from a wing to stabilizer. Also the glider’s rigidity and stiffness of the control system were increased. These models were successfully used during season 2017 by Cederic Duss (World Cup 2017, Eurotour 2017 winner), Ihor Butseroha ( 2-d Place in F3K WCh 2017), Austria, New Zeland, Ukraine, Italy, South Africa Teams.

Vladimir models Blaster 3.5

Blaster 3.5 is a new model introduced in 2013 It is based on the wing from Balster 3, a wing that gained excellent reputation for the last several years. Outstanding aerodynamic characteristics calculated by Dr. Drela and persistent wing design optimization are the key components of this model's success. The fuselage of new model, while preserving same simple assembly procedure, easy maintenance and exceptional strength as its parent ­­– Blaster 3, benefits from new high-modulus carbon parts and pull-spring system. These new innovations help to considerably reduce weight and increase strength. Balster 3.5 fuselage is shipped pre-assembled with cables already drawn. You'll need less than three hours to install the servos and set up the transmitter.

Vladimir models ELF DLG

The ELF is a new generation of 1-meter wingspan discus launch glider (DLG) from Vladimir's Model.The ELF allows the Pilot to fly in small spaces like never before.The ELF is intended for pilots of all skill levels and experience.


Ballast slug for adding weight to the Blaster 3. Cleverly designed to allow the centre of gravity postion to be tuned as required. Adding this ballast piece allows the Blaster 3 to be flown in up to 14 mph winds with ease
(7 items) 1 page