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T6L 6 ch FHSS inc R3106GF Mode1 or 2

6L Sport 2.4GHz T-FHSS Mono 6-Channel Air System SEARCH: Go Tested. Trusted. Dependable. Break into the world of the pros with the all-new 6L Sport. Ideal for almost any model. Six channels. Total 2.4GHz control. Everything you need, nothing you don't. The supremacy of Futaba—the brand trusted by pro pilots everywhere—in your hands. Go Futaba, go further. Features Futaba's T-FHSS Mono Directional 6-channel Air system R3106GF high voltage receiver with failsafe Built in, full range antenna for a sleek design V-Tail, elevon, and flaperon mixing 2-position switch and rotary dial Servo reversing Low battery alarm Buddy box capabilities Range check Mode 1 Throttle on the Right

Futaba 14SG 14 Channel 2.4GHz w R7008sb

Futaba 14SG 14 Channel 2.4GHz w/ R7008sb Mode 1 14SG 14-Channel 2.4GHz Computer Radio System : FASSTest tech. Flybarless gyro support. S.Bus programmability. Telemetry. The 14SG has it all. . . and more!

Futaba 16SZ 2.4GHz Transmitter, R7008SB Receiver, Nicad,

If you want a radio system that can handle any challenge, step up to the 16SZ. It’s compatible with all of the popular protocols: FASSTest, FASST, S-FHSS and T-FHSS. It has a large 4.3" LCD touch screen. Programming is easy and intuitive, for airplanes, helis, gliders and drones. All this plus a high-voltage S.Bus2 receiver, the convenience of 30-model memory, and much, much more.

18MZ WC 2.4G inc R7008SB

18MZ WC 2.4G inc R7008SB Its performance features are every bit as impressive as its looks — which means the 18MZ WC is a radio that stands out in every way imaginable. The transmitter's gleaming black chrome finish is a real eye-catcher, and updated software takes telemetry to new heights.

FX22 Nimh 2.4G inc R7008SB

FX22 Nimh 2.4G inc R7008SB Rec

Futaba Receiver R3004SB 4ch 2.4G T-FHSS S-Bus

The Futaba R3004SB is a slim 4-channel receiver that is ideally suited to smaller models, as well as gliders/electric gliders that still require full range transmission. Futaba ditched bulky moulded cases and opted for lightweight heat shrink instead, this provides protection for almost any use but helps keep the weight down to just under 5 grams. The electronics are uncompromised, so the R3004SB has full telemetry features and full range transmission. It's slim and compact format makes it ideal for almost any application, whilst a pair of coaxial aerials provide solid stable reception with their length allowing them to be positioned at 90 degrees from each other, to give the maximum possible range.

Futaba Receiver R617FS 2.4G 7ch

Specification 2.4GHz FASST / DIVERSITY Dimensions 27.5x41.6x9.2mm Weight 9.8g Frequency 2.4GHz Use Aircraft Channel 7CH Battery 4.8 - 6.0V 4.8 - 6.0V battery or regulated output from ESC Diversity antenna

Futaba Receiver R6208SB 8 CH 2.4G S-Bus and Hi Voltage

Features Easy programming with S-Bus receivers or PCLink software Handles eight channels Designed to prevent mismatched servo or channel connections DAD (Dual Antenna Diversity) included, which can be used in many flight applications

Futaba Receiver R7008SB 2.4G S-Bus (HV S Bus)

The R7008SB from Futaba is a 2.4GHz FASSTest receiver designed to work in conjunction with their 18MZ transmitter.
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