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Precision Aerobatics Addiction Electric ARF

After years of glory and over a decade in high-demand, the Addiction 3D has been updated and its Version 2 is being released. In designing and developing the Addiction series, our main target was you - the pilot! We aim to build your confidence, make you a better pilot and inspire you to challenge yourself and succeed in maneuvers that you could only dream of before. With more than 12,000 sold, the Addiction proved that 3D flying is challenging and fun, and with the right aircraft it is within the grasp of anyone regardless of experience or skill level! Making an already awesome airplane even better is not an easy task, but Shaun Vanunu, our chief engineer, attacked it from many angles:

Precision Aerobatics Addiction-X ARF

In celebration of a decade in constant production, this record-breaking best-seller airplane has now been updated and its Version 2 is being released. In designing and developing the Addiction series, our main target was you - the pilot! We aim to build your confidence, make you a better pilot and inspire you to challenge yourself and succeed in maneuvers that you could only dream of before. The ADX is not just a larger version of the 40" Addiction. We approached it as both a part of a series, and as a stand-alone plane with its own unique flight characteristics, based on the input and feedback from thousands of Addiction and Addiction X flyers over the years.

Precision Aerobatics Addiction XL V2(ADXL) ARF

The best just got better!! New iPAs set up: an even more powerful rear-mounted motor (PA Thrust 60 Revo 24 Poles), precision super torque servos (NXT-100HV) and Factory Pre-installed LEDs! This tremendous upgrade in the setup expands the ADXL flight envelope and gives it a whole new style of flying never seen before in the Addiction XL. This phenomenal slow 3D flyer, is NOW capable of higher energy maneuvers! The V2 excels in faster snap rolls, more precise point rolls, high speed knife edge circles and even tighter knife edge spins and blenders. The Addiction series is the first balsa/built up planes to feature factory pre-installed lights! The bright-leds are not seen from the outside so the plane can be flown during the day and INTO the night! When your flying-buddies lose sight of their planes and call it a day - you get to keep flying and have the field all for yourself... Flying weight (AUW including batteries & spinner): approx 2080g / 73.4oz /4.58 lbs !!!! Wing area - 1055 sq. in !!! Wing loading: 10.02oz/sq.ft Drive System Required for completing the kit: PA Thrust 50 outrunner motor PA Quantum 70A Pro ESC Two PA V3 LiPo pack 11.1V 2200mAh (or a 6S 2,200mAh) Four Hitec HS-5245MG Mini digital servos VOX 15x8 / 16x6 prop wooden propeller 2.17" Carbon Fiber Spinner

Precision Aerobatics Ultimate AMR- bipe

If you demand high performance precision flying, high energy 3D/freestyle aerobatics, extremely light and rigid Biplane, the Ultimate AMR is the machine of choice for you. Forget what you have heard about bipes..Hard to handle? Stalls easily? a handful to land? well CERTAINLY NOT WITH THIS ONE. Many months of design, testing and experimentation brought about this exceptional model. The new Ultimate AMR features the revolutionary FiberFusion® construction making it the lightest electric built up Biplane produced to date in this size – about 38.45oz ready to fly (!!!) yet is rigid enough to withstand the most extreme high energy maneuvers we know you will be tempted to try! FiberFusion® is an engineered construction method, combining carbon fiber, balsa and ply in a way never seen before, utilizing the strengths of the fibers within each raw material, with the end result being lighter, stronger, more rigid aircraft that fly like nothing else!

Precision Aerobatic Ultimate AMR60

Due to the challenges of the design and the targets we wanted to achieve, this project development and design spanned over more than 5 years. We went back and forth to the drawing board with new ideas refining the design each time to complete this model which is a real engineering achievement. To name just some of the targets: * two removal wings that will take just a few minutes to assemble at the field, which are easily transportable even in a small car – Shaun developed the IWRS (innovative wing removal system) which requires only two bolts for the bottom wing, and two carbon retaining pins for the top wing. * Unbelievable low flying weight for optimal wing loading and flight performance. The AMR 60’s all up weight is about half of competing brands which makes it the lightest bi-plane ever made. * Built extremely accurately with pre-set wing incidence (done twice, before and after the covering process). Wings and CF tabs are preinstalled in the factory to ensure excellent alignment and fit. All you need to do is bolt on the wings. * Unmatched flying characteristics – no gyro is needed!! * Simple and efficient control surfaces set up using only 4 powerful, yet economical servos. * New airfoil specifically designed, tested and refined for this airframe to achieve the performance target. * Unique aileron design enhances aerodynamic airflow and control efficiency, complimented by the optional carbon fiber Vortex generators. * Wing carry jigs and deflection meter are included with the kit. * Top quality unique wing bags specifically designed for the AMR 60.

Precision Aerobatics XR-52 Electric ARF

Product Description The XR-52 is an exciting addition to the NEXT Generation PA series of planes, giving you a perfect balance between precision flying and slow 3D capabilities. Versatility is the name of the game: with just a swap of a prop you get a completely different flying plane. Use a Vox 13x5 wooden propeller for amazing low and slow 3D performance, for sport flying or a smaller field. Swap to a Vox 13x6.5 wooden propeller and get ready to experience the ultimate show-stopping Freestyle machine! For this model, the aim was to take the best looking bird in the sky and enhance its flying characteristics - to suit more flyers, from intermediate through advanced - all based on our customers feedback. Borrowing only styling lines from our successful PA Bandit we approached this project with an otherwise clean slate. The new XR-52 is not only larger but features unique custom-designed airfoils, a longer fuselage and numerous other design elements that were completely engineered specifically for this project - giving the XR-52 a fresh and exciting feel. The unique design expands and enhances the flight envelope, allowing you to perform manoeuvres one would only expect from a much larger model.

Precision Aerobatics XR-61T ARF

Following the recent upgrade to the XR61 iPAs set up, we are excited to release the XR61-T! This highly popular model just got a new symmetrical (and amazing!) patriotic color scheme and a tandem canopy! It is not replacing the XR61 (which is in production as usual) but rather an addition to the PA line.
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