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GliderCG F3K

The family grows, GliderCG for F3K DLG! New specific design for the latest F3K models with small wing chord. For all those DLG models, with this new device the flaps will not lean on the rear support pads but on the wing. The new distance between the front pin an the rear support pad is 117mm. In the standard GliderCg device this distance is 150mm

GliderCG V3

GliderCG V3 GliderCG V3 is our standard model for F5J, F3F and F3B models

GliderCG Plus

GliderCG Plus Based on the original development of Olav Kalhovd, GliderCG Plus is a CoG digital balance device for bigger scale sailplanes up to 15kg GliderCG Plus is an evolution of the design of GliderCG that uses the same concept to be able to be used in large sailplanes and airplanes of up to 15kg.

Glider CG SCALE Mini

GliderCG Scale Mini, our latest development its a special version of GliderCG Scale, with the same functionalities as this one, but designed to maximize the range of use of our model hangar while we incorporate new functionalities such as folding arms, charging through USB-C or the redesign of the electronics to which we incorporate the tactile power button.


GliderCG Tools for Competition Glider GliderThrow digital Angle/Throw meter and … Differentials!


Receiver Battery Load Tester


Onboard Receiver Battery Volt Indicator


Emeter II Emeter V2 handheld device for use with RDU, RDU required for measurements - look to HP-EM2-SET and HP-EM2-DLX for complete package.


Emeter II <-> RDU Data Cable




The Hyperion LDU (local data unit) is an inexpensive alternative to the RDU unit, for bench testing.It must be connected to the Emeter II during test runs.It has the full functionality of the RDU, except for the Height (altitude) indicator.


HP-EM2-MDU Hyperion Micro Data Unit (MDU) for Emeter II •Max input voltage: 35 V •Continuous current: 25 A •Peak current: 50 A / 5 seconds •Can be used without Emeter - Interface cable and PC software required to read data (software is free)


Emeter II Power Input Cable


Remote Data Unit (RDU) for Emeter II Included in Emeter V2 sets HP-EM2-SET and HP-EM2-DLX, Can be used without Emeter - PC software required to read data (software is free)


Genuine SanDisk 2GB SD Card for Emeter II


Emeter II SET Ready-to-go set with RDU and necessary cables, Tach and temp sensors optional - consider HP-EM2-DLX for complete package at savings!


RDU Phase Tachometer for brushless motors


Ext. Temp Sensors no 1 for Emeter II RDU


Ext. Temp Sensors no 2 and 3 for Emeter II RDU

EOS Sentry4 2~8S Battery Checker Balancer,

The EOS Sentry 4 is a quick, clever, and convenient device for checking your battery voltages. This handy little voltage meter is compatible for use with Lipo, LiFe, Li-Ion, as well as NiMH and NiCd batteries. The Sentry 4 shows at a glance the remaining capacity in your LiPo battery pack, cell balance, cell voltages and difference between cells. A unique feature of the Sentry 4 is it's Stand-alone Balance and Discharge Mode for Lithium batteries which is convenient for storing fully-charged packs down to 3.8v. Furthermore, the Sentry 4 also boasts a Servo and ESC tester by connecting a external power supply you can control and test the Servos frequency, Servo test range and ESC settings.
(20 items) 1 page