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Hyperion EOS 0606i AD - 6S, 6A, 50W, 110V/220V input 220V or 11V-15V DC Input, Lipo 1S-6S / A123 1S-6S / NiCd/NiMH 1-14cells /Lead-Acid 1-6cells, PC Data Output Port, Charge/Discharge modes, Cycling Mode for NiCd/NiMH, 2-line, 16 character, easy-to-read LCD Screen, 220V cable included (not depicted

HP-EOS 0730i NET3

Hyperion EOS 0730i NET3 Battery Charger - 1S-7S, 30A max, 550W > Build in Hyperion LBA10/300 balancer wih 300 mA max balance rate per cell > EOS 0730i NET3 DC INPUT 10.5V~29V > 7S Max, 550W 30A Max Charge rate, 40W 5A Discharge > SYNC Charge in network mode with another EOS 0730i NET3 up to 2x7S for max 14S Flightpacks at 1100W max.


Hyperion EOS 0720i SUPER DUO3 7S 16N Avalible from 21/01/2011


The Hyperion EOS 0840i 1000W DC Balance Charger/Discharger is for users demanding a “workhorse”, high-output DC charger capable of huge wattage for quick charge times. The EOS0840i can charge up to 8S Lithium batteries with a maximum current of 40A. The EOS0840i is compatible with HvLi batteries, meaning now your capable of charging the next generation of G6 HvLi 4.35V Batteries. Not only does the Hyperion EOS 0840i offer a super high charge rate capability, it also boasts great features such as Store Mode, Cycle Mode, and 10 memory profiles and high power balancing.


The Hyperion EOS Connect WiFi Module is used to connect your Hyperion EOS Charger to your iOS or Android Smartphone. This WiFi module allows you to change your charger settings all from a convenient APP. Just download the APP from online, connect the Charger to the EOS Wifi Module and you are ready to charge! Never has been controlling or analyzing your charge data been easier, either at the field or home.
(5 items) 1 page