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vladimir Models SUPRA Expert SC

Following numerous design studies, in the Spring of 2009, we introduced optimized wing spars for Supra PRO family, which increased wing stiffness while reducing weight. New wing spars are baked in an autoclave in special molds from CF pre-preg. We use high strength carbon fiber IMS 65. Fuselage The new fuselage of Supra Expert satisfies a number of contradictory requirements: •The glider does not slide after landing but stops as soon as the nose touches the ground. The shape of the pod tip satisfies F3J requirements; Canopy The canopy is molded carbon composite. It uses reliable mounting latch design proven in many Vladimir’s Model planes: Blaster 2 El, Sprite, Graphite 2 El, Supra El, Supra Pro, Supra Pro El,Maxa

Futaba 16SZ 2.4GHz Transmitter, R7008SB Receiver, Nicad,

If you want a radio system that can handle any challenge, step up to the 16SZ. It’s compatible with all of the popular protocols: FASSTest, FASST, S-FHSS and T-FHSS. It has a large 4.3" LCD touch screen. Programming is easy and intuitive, for airplanes, helis, gliders and drones. All this plus a high-voltage S.Bus2 receiver, the convenience of 30-model memory, and much, much more.

Supra PRO Competition Hard ST

Supra PRO Competition – the plane for winning! Aerodynamic design by Dr. Mark Drela uniquely combines high penetration with the ability to catch even the weakest thermals using super efficient wing mechanization. Accurate landings are easier to achieve, thanks to ultra light tail feather. The use of new materials and advanced design resulted in considerable weight reduction of the horizontal and vertical stabilizers, which substantially decreased the tail inertial. The unique flight traits of Supra Competition are complemented by the streamlined fuselage, which instantaneously stops the plane at 100 point mark.

18MZ WC 2.4G inc R7008SB

18MZ WC 2.4G inc R7008SB Its performance features are every bit as impressive as its looks — which means the 18MZ WC is a radio that stands out in every way imaginable. The transmitter's gleaming black chrome finish is a real eye-catcher, and updated software takes telemetry to new heights.

Vladimir Models Maxa Pro4m

Maxa Pro the Best is getting better We, together with Joe Wurts, have developed an optimal aerodynamics new tail for Maxa Pro during alf of year. There have been several custom made pilot models for proof of concept in flight tests. In early December, 3D model of fin and stabilizer was completed. For next 2 months 29 parts of matrices and 8 devices for the processing and assembly was manufactured Please note Price is Higher for Storm

Vladimir Models SUPRA Expert EL

New age of Electric gliders Supra Expert E This is an upgrade of the much loved Supra Pro

E-Flite Allusive RC Glider, ARF

The Allusive RC glider from E-Flite combines thermal soaring capability with aerobatic performance. Features Streamline fibreglass fuselage with painted finish Four-channel control for V-tail, ailerons and throttle Large canopy for easy access to mounting plates Two-piece wings made from balsa with foam core Built-up, balsa plug-in stabilisers Solid carbon fibre wing with stabiliser joiners Ready for E-Flite Power 15 outrunner motor Comes with complete hardware Control horns made from fibreglass Film hinging on the ailerons and ruddervators High-contrast UltraCote covering

OBER EW4 Winch F3b

1.1 KW motor, adjusted to Kontal-preresistance to 15 milliohms, motor with ball / needle bearings Drum width: 200mm and 250mm available inner diameter 45 mm part plastic-pipe extending dimension for (Diameter 55 mm / 65 mm diameter) Reverse-action-stop, foot-operated-switch with 3 meters cable and connection, battery cable 95 crosscut, battery clamps, two pins, foldable support


Hyperion G5 Receiver Pack 2S 1450mAh LiFePo4 Specifications: Type: LiFePo4 Voltage: 6.6V Capacity: 1450mAh Max Current Continuous: 5A Max Charge Rate(4C): 2A Dimensions LxWxH(mm): 88 x 30 x 17mm Weight(g): 81g Power Connector: JR-3P Balance Connector: JST-XH


Hyperion G5 Receiver Pack 2S 2100mAh LiFePo4 Specifications: Type: LiFePo4 Voltage: 6.6V Capacity: 2100mAh Max Current Continuous: 5A Max Charge Rate(4C): 2A Dimensions LxWxH(mm): 96 x 30 x 20mm Weight(g): 109g Power Connector: JR-3P Balance Connector: JST-XH
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