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ISDT FD-100 Discharger

One key smart discharging, born for RC users Support 2-8s 6-35v discharging with maximum 80Wdischarging capacity

iSDT PC-4860 XT60 Parallel Charging Adapter

XT60 Parallel Charging Adapter Safety and convenience in a stylish design.

iSDT Q6 Nano LiPo Charger

The iSDT Q6 Nano is the cheapest and smallest LiPo charger iSDT ever made. I’ve been using their chargers exclusively for over 4 years now without a single problem so I am excited about this one. I will go through the features and compare it to other small LiPo chargers.

ISDT Q8 500W DC Charger

The ISDT Q8 500W is the Next Generation of Pocket Charger. It has a new ergonomic design and has massive 20A maximum charging current (500W total) and all new touch screen control.
(4 items) 1 page