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FD-IS8R 8 Channel 2.4GHz Receiver

8 Channel 2.4GHz Receiver ¦Full range, >1200m on the ground. Test show at least 1.2km range line of sight on ground. ¦User set failsafe on all channels ¦Fast relink time (~1sec) in the event of signal loss ¦Resistant to brown out (continues to work down to at least 2.8V, Bob Hickman reports <2.5V). ¦Extremely small and light (33×20.1×9mm, 7.0g).

FD-IS4RO 4 ch Micro Lite

4 Channel receiver for indoor (or micro models outdoors).....weighs 1 gram. Operates from 2.2 - 9 V, draws 18mA. Has a range of 300m on the ground. Leaps small buildings in a single bound (just kidding, but it really is very good indeed). Uses micro JST connectors (a set come with the receiver). Recommended servos S2D5Micro
(2 items) 1 page