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Vladimir models Blaster 3.5

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Blaster 3.5 is a new model introduced in 2013 It is based on the wing from Balster 3, a wing that gained excellent reputation for the last several years. Outstanding aerodynamic characteristics calculated by Dr. Drela and persistent wing design optimization are the key components of this model's success. The fuselage of new model, while preserving same simple assembly procedure, easy maintenance and exceptional strength as its parent ­­– Blaster 3, benefits from new high-modulus carbon parts and pull-spring system. These new innovations help to considerably reduce weight and increase strength. Balster 3.5 fuselage is shipped pre-assembled with cables already drawn. You'll need less than three hours to install the servos and set up the transmitter.

Product details

Blaster 3.5 Wing construction:

1.outside layers of Carboline:
- Carboline SC_26_2/45 - regular version;
- Carboline SC_39_2/45 - strong version;

2.inside layers of Carboline SC_26_2/30;

3.spar shear web of carbon braid;


5.ROHACELL sandwich core;

6.rear shear web of ROHACELL and Carboline SC_39_2/45;

7.hinge strip of Kevlar;

8.ROHACELL flap core;

9.spread tow carbon cap strip of the main spar;

10.front flap shear web of Carboline SC_39_2/45;


12.additional layer of Carboline (only in strong version) zero degree bias;

Blaster 3.5 regular

Blaster 3.5 SC wing suits perfectly both for calm and windy weather. This wing has a total weight of 127-133 grams (depending on color).

We use Carboline SC_26_2/45 fabric for outside layers and Carboline SC_26_2/30 - for inner layers. This allows to obtain very strong and lightweight wing. Due to rigid wing skin the model can be launched 10% higher and is very sensitive to ascending currents. Due to the fact that regular wing Blaster 3 lighter than the previous version of the glass Blaster 3 light wing.

Blaster 3.5 strong

Blaster 3.5 strong perfectly suits for windy weather.

There are two features differentiate of Blaster 3.5 regular:
•outside layers are made of Carboline SC_39_2/45;
•third longitudinal layer of Carboline, which adds even more strength.

The rigid skin helps to save plane after collisions of the planes in the sky or after rough landings. Igor Butseroga noted that due to extra wing rigidity he has increased stability and height of launch.

The rigid skin helps to save plane after collisions of the planes in the sky or after rough landings. Blaster 3.5 wing perfectly suits for windy weather.

An icing on the cake makes a convenient launching handle located at wingtip of Blaster 3.5. You can grind it a bit to make it more comfortable for your personal grip. Then just mark the place where you want to locate it and glue the handle with liquid cyanoacrylate (Super Glue).