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Gliderkeeper Pico


Pico Display

Display reader for Pico

Pico Programmer

USB programmer for Pico


$185.00 Ending soon
GliderKepeer is now available. Features a Dualcore 240Mhz MCU unit with native wireless connectivity. Forget unplugging your recording device every afternoon.


Timekeeping device and portable display, small form factor, outdoor readable colorful TFT display, easy menu buttons.. 9 competitions storage of a single group up to 6 pilots or rounds.

GliderTimer -PRO

Full Size Automatic F5J Competition Management World´s First Automated Contest Management Assistant for full size F5J contests.

GKSync for GliderKeeper

GKSync for GliderKeeper GKSync brings the oportunity to have a clear confirmation on when your flight started and landing was done. ? -Ideal for using with GliderTimer -Accurate Timing for online contests
(7 items) 1 page