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GliderKepeer is now available. Features a Dualcore 240Mhz MCU unit with native wireless connectivity. Forget unplugging your recording device every afternoon.

Product details

... your personal logger and timekeeper!
GliderKeeper is primarily an FAI compliant F5J competition logger. GliderKeeper shows the typically required data on the built-in OLED display immediately after landing. In addition, all flights are recorded in full and can be quickly and conveniently read out on the airfield using a mobile device.

As an additional feature, the GliderKeeper enables not only the usual measurement data but also the recording of the actual flight time. The flight time is started by starting the engine and with the help of the integrated motion sensor it is possible to precisely record the landing. So you can see not only the logged switch-off altitude, but also the logged flight time immediately after landing.

The flight data can be completely read out and evaluated directly on a WiFi-enabled device via an optional WiFi connection. A quick and uncomplicated upload to the Internet is also possible.

It is important that the GliderKeeper only sends WiFi signals if this is activated by the pilot after landing. It is not possible to have the WiFi function activated during flight operations.

The GliderKeeper is firmly connected horizontally to the model's hull. This connection can also be made with a Velcro strip so that the GliderKeeper can also be used in several models. Since the GliderKeeper has an integrated acceleration sensor in addition to an absolute pressure sensor, it can not only measure the height, but also record the movement. Thus, the GliderKeeper not only records the altitude but also the flight time.

Due to the precision of the GliderKeeper, the flight time is in most cases identical to a hand-stopped flight time of a timekeeper. In some cases the value differs by less than a second, which is certainly a sufficiently accurate value for local competitions. Nevertheless, we are sure that we will be able to further optimize the quality of the measurement in the coming months.

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 49mm x 23mm
Weight including all cables: 12.8g
Display: OLED 0.66in
Spannung: 3,5V-8,4V (DC)
Power consumption:
Logger mode approx. 20mA
STA Modus ca. 60mA
Altimeter Recorder
Last generation barometric sensor fully compliant to F5J FAI rules.
(Homologation on going)
Landing Detection
Accelerometer landing detection algorithm gives flight duration directly
Instantaneous time plot upon landing
Wireless connection for instantaneous flight plot display in your mobile screen, just after landing
Change Your Settings on the Field
You can directly browse and update GliderKeeper setting on the field. You will never forget “the cable” anymore, access your unit remotely to manage your flight setting and your flight records. Operating system agnostic either Android / IOS / Windows / MAC os. It uses your web browser to perform the interface with the device.

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