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GliderTimer -PRO

Full Size Automatic F5J Competition Management World´s First Automated Contest Management Assistant for full size F5J contests.

Product details

GliderTimer-PRO is closing the loop.

As an leap step from GliderTimer (mini) in number of pilots and rounds.
GliderTimer-PRO will manage the full size F5J competition from the control desk.
GliderTimer (mini) and GliderKeeper will do the timekeeping and upload the results.
No more transcription errors, delays or distracted timekeepers.
The definitive help for contest organisers.
See the scores in GliderScore © as you were doing before.
No dedicated timekeepers needed any more
How it works?
Phisically GliderTimer- Pro is an expansion dongle of a GliderTimer (mini).

Features MP3 player with a mini-jack output for the audio and wiring to drive the annunciator panel plus a bigger battery and DC power supply conditioner.

1.- Prepare your competition in GliderScore, with the competitors´ ID of their GliderKeepers.
2.- Generate the eScore competition files.
3.- Upload those files into the GliderTimers you are expecting to use.
4.- Connect GliderTimer- PRO at control desk, plug to the audio and timer panel inputs.
5.- Run the competition.
6.- Collect FlightData automatically with the help of a GliderTimer.
7.- At the end of each round, via a Internet enabled router (your mobile can do), Upload the results to the eScore competition of GliderScore.
8.- Publish or print the scores from GliderScore.

Realtime Online Results
GliderTimer units, either (mini) or PRO will upload the gathered flights into eScoring of GliderScore. Then publishing and making the corresponding changes will be done using the well known application Gliderscore ©