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2008 Hyperion SU-31 ARF, 10e-class Wingspan: 941 mm, Wing area: 17.5 dm2, Length: 787 mm, Flying weight: 635 g, Servos: 4

Product details

2008 Hyperion SU-31 ARF, 10e-class
•Wingspan: 941 mm
•Wing area: 17.5 dm2
•Length: 787 mm
•Flying weight: 635 g
•Servos: 4
The 2008 Hyperion SU-31 10e is at it's best. Replacing the popular Hyperion 400-class SU-31 which had been on the market since 2005, we have poured all the requests from our users into this next-generation SU-31

The new model is slightly longer for more tail momentum, and the control surfaces have been increased in size for more authority in stalled flight modes.