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This is the 2010 version not the older version Hyperion Mustang ARF, 25e-class - Miss America Wingspan: 1206 mm, Wing area: 25.6 dm2, Length: 1052 mm, Flying weight: 1450 - 1650 g, Servos: 5

Product details

Hyperion Mustang ARF, 25e-class - Miss America

•Wingspan: 1206 mm
•Wing area: 25.6 dm2
•Length: 1052 mm
•Flying weight: 1450 - 1650 g
•Servos: 5
The Miss America Reno Race Mustang is born to be wild! Consider our motor set for super performance!

With greatly improved battery access via the invisible front hatch, the 2011Hyperion Mustangs are at their peak performance. Many other upgrades are found such as backmount-style motor mounting system, even better finish and some of the very best Mustang flying you can find!