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Hyperion JU-87 STUKA 35e w/Zs3025B-08 and BKMNT

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Servo Extensions are not offered as part of the "sets" for this model. We recommend:
(1 pc) HP-WR-003 10cm Extension (throttle)
(2 pcs) HP-WR-005 30cm Extensions (ailerons)
(1 pc) HP-WR-012 (Flaps to one Rx Channel)
(2 pcs) HP-WR-003 (Flaps to two Rx Channels, mixed)

We currently have no stock. Hyperion JU-87 Stuka G2 35e - Zs3025B-08 motor included

•Wingspan: 1400 mm
•Wing area: 34.5 dm2
•Lenght: 1275 mm
•Flying weight: 2.0 - 2.1 kg
•Servos: 6 x Hyperion HP-DS16-FCD (two aileron, two flap, one rudder, one elevator)
•Motor: Hyperion Zs3025B-08 motor (included with kit)
•Prop: 12x6 - 13x6.5 APC-E
•ESC: Hyperion Atlas 60A SBEC
•Lipo: Hyperion G3 3300 - 4200mAh 3S
Hyperion Zs3025B-08 motor and mount included with model

"Kanonenvogel" with 37mm tank-busting cannons

It's a warbird, but flies almost like a trainer. Stalls are predictable and the model really "floats" even at relatively low speeds. The scale flaps are very effective, and there is almost no trim change while the flaps are up or down! Step up to the 35e class and see why "bigger is better."

Hans Ulrich Rudel - believed by many to be the greatest combat pilot in history - flew this final variant of the venerable Stuka in the Russian theatre with great success.