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Carbon Main Blades 325mm Trex

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Carbon Main Blades 325mm Trex
Hyperion Diamond Carbon Helicopter Blades are made of pure carbon cloth in a cured, hard diamond-glaze resin. As such, they are not just beautiful, but also the stiffest, most precise blades you can buy.

With maximum thickness of only 4.1 mm, the Hyperion Main Blades are nearly 20% thinner than nearest competitor. The CG location of the Hyperion blade compliments their stiffness and therefore there is no biting during high-pitch maneuvers. You will find that rpm remains higher and current consumption lower with Hyperion Diamond Carbon blades.

These benefits are also found in the Tail Rotor Blades and Flybar Paddles. Maintaining their shape at even the highest loads, and producing less air resistance due to their thin profiles, adding these components to your micro heli translates into the crispest, sharpest 3D maneuvers.

MAIN BLADES: (typically used with Trex 450 Heli) 19.15g each, 325mm total length, 317mm from pin to tip

TAIL ROTOR BLADES: (Fit most 400-Class Heli, Trex, Zoom, Etc) 1.03g each, 58mm total length, 54mm from pin to tip

FLYBAR PADDLES: (Fit most 400-Class Heli, Trex, Zoom, Etc) 5.34g each, 60mm total length, trailing edge 56mm long
NOTE: FlyBar paddles are threaded to fit standard flybar rods. However, carbon is not an ideal material for small threads. As such, once you have threaded the flybar paddles onto the flybar rod (degrease rod first), set pitch and apply a small drop of extra-thin CA at the joint of paddle and rod. This wicks into the threads to insure reliabilty. The paddle can still easily be removed by hand afterwards.