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Product details

Profile-scale high performance EPP FUN AEROBATICS SERIE for outdoor flying. It is usable for beginners and also for Super Aerobatic Performance. 98% complete – Almost Ready to Fly. Assemble in an evening! Models come painted as shown with
no decals apply! Special CAD painting process for scale detail never before possible in EPP models. ALL-EPP Foam construction makes these PITTS tough to damage. If you crash the airplane and the EPP breaks, it breaks cleanly, which allows you to repair it with CA glue in few minutes.

Suggested for Completion:
Servos: 3x Hyperion DS09-SCD
Brushless Motor: HP-Z2213-20 or HP-ZS2213-22
Brushless ESC: HP-TITAN-20PB or HP-ATLAS-25
Prop Adapter: HP-ADAP-30XL
Spinner: HP-SPSTAN-40 (White, Red, and Blue are available. Sand lightly and use plastic primer if painting)
Prop: APC 9x4.7 (sport duration) or 10x4.7" (max thrust)
Battery: Hyperion G3 CX 1100mAh 3S or VZ1200mAh 3S

4 Channel RC Transmitter
Thin type CA glue, Activator spray, Sharp hobby knife, Self-adhesive tape, Soldering iron.

Technical data

Wingspan: 850 mm
Length: 760 mm
Empty weight: 200 g
Flying weight: 390g~450g