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Corsa 108 (2.75M)

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Corsa 108" basic information: 108" High performance slope allrounder. Nice looking with high aspect ratio wings with HSWS that make it really fast, the Corsa 108 flies where it is pointed, has great energy retention with ballast tubes in the wings. Turns really well and is very aerobatic, so is a great F3f practice plane as well as being a great light wind flyer. Elevator and rudder servos can be easily mounted in the fin and accesses via a convenient moulded-in hatch.

Product details


Construction: GFK/CFK Hybrid (Aeroic)
Wings: Carbon with Aeroic Sine Wave Spar
Fuse: Strong Carbon /Kevlar Reinforced Glass (2.4Ghz friendly)

Span: 108" (2.75M)
Length: 48.5" (1.23M)
Wing area: 757.95 Sq. In (48.9dm)
Wing aerofoils: JH3580, JH3575, JH3570
Tailplane aerofoils: JH10SYM
Servos: 12mm (Fuselage/Flaps) 10mm (Ailerons)
Ballast (wings): 28.0oz (0.8Kg)
Controls: Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator, Rudder
Designer: Dr. James D. Hammond