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Spektrum DX6e DSM-X 6 Channel Transmitter

The options are almost endless with the Spektrum DX6e DSM-X six-channel transmitter receiver. You’ll get 250-model memory, four model types and a wireless trainer link, just to name a few features. Got friends using Spektrum? Share model setups for even more fun.

Product details

Versatile use – program your plane, heli, sailplane or multirotor
Great 250-model memory
Wireless trainer link
Clever Gimbal design, with a spring configuration switch. Mode changeable
Seven swashplate options
Seven airplane wing options, six tail plane options
Four sailplane wing options, three tail plane options
Smart telemetry that’s already built-in
Planes & helis have seven-point throttle curves
Seven-point pitch & tail curves for your heli
Share model memories with other Spektrum transmitters
Easy setup, start in multirotor flight mode
Comes included with 4 x AA batteries, ready to use
EN328 compliant
The unparalleled response of DSMX technology
When it comes to the Spektrum DX6e, you’re going to get the best – without paying more than you need to. Blending the unparalleled response of DSMX technology with the ease of AirWare programming software, you get everything you need.

You can fly almost anything with the DX6e, thanks to the consistent AirWare software using across the whole range of Spektrum's transmitters. And you can also share model setups with any of your buddies using a Spektrum Tx too.

Big 250-model memory
Never miss a thing with the DX6e. It’s huge memory means you won’t often need to switch models between transmitter memory and your SD card. It’s simple to use too, and only memory slots with memory settings saved will show up. So, don’t worry about wasting time scrolling through empty slots or move models around if you delete one.

There’s no waiting around for data on battery voltage, signal quality, motor temperature or anything else. The in-built telemetry makes this possible. Program your alerts so you know exactly when specific telemetry values reach or surpass your pre-defined limits. All you need is a telemetry-enabled receiver and sensor.

Team up, with another DSMX transmitter
The wireless trainer link gives you the option to connect with one of your friends using a DSMX/DSM2 transmitter. All you need to do is bind once and ModelMatch great memory re-connects you both, without having to do it again.

You have the flexibility to adapt gimbal/mode spring configurations just by pressing a slider switch on the back of the transmitter. You don’t need any tools. Just hit the configuration that corresponds to the mode you’re using, as well as the model type you fly.

Choose from these four options:

For air, heli & sailplanes: Normal throttle for modes two & four
Air, heli & sailplanes: Normal throttle for modes one & three
Multirotor model types: Spring-centered throttle for modes two & four
Multi-rotor model types: Spring-centered throttle for modes one & three.
Don’t worry about accidentally changing spring configurations when you’re up in the air, either. A hinged cover guards the slider switch.

Go faster. Stay controlled.
The DX6e comes with a full-range AR610 DSMX receiver. You’ll love the fast, controlled flight the DSMX 2.4 Ghz protocol offers. Losing signal is next to impossible with the active amplified antenna. This smart antenna gives the receiver a focused view to spot reflective materials on a model and avoid polarisation blind spots.

You’ll enjoy flying without all the noise. There’s amazing clarity in loud 2.4GHz environments. The AR610 also comes with a data port, so you can use with Spektrum telemetry modules and the flight log signal monitor.

There’s extensive programming available, no matter what you fly – airplane, helicopter or multirotor.

Choose the Spektrum DX6e DSM-X six-channel transmitter with AR610 receiver. It’s smart, flexible and affordable.

Order yours today.

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What you Need
Nothing! Everything you need is included in the box.