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Three varying density fillers exclusively for use with WEST SYSTEM 105 resin. Offering excellent bonding, sanding and lightweight characteristics respectively


INSTA-SET is a catalyst which acts as an accelerator that allows CAs to quickly cure in thick layers by enhancing the alkaline conditions during polymerization. INSTA-SET in a spray bottle is normally used to cure the CA that flows from joints when parts are pressed together. Applying an additional bead of thick CA along a seam and then curing it with INSTA-SET significantly enhances a joint's strength. For difficult to bond materials, INSTA-SET can be applied to one surface and CA to the opposite surface. When brought together, they will bond instantly. INSTA-SET is formulated with a strawberry scent and activates CA in 6 to 8 seconds without any degrading of the CAs strength, which can occur with many other accelerators. It is compatible with all surfaces, even clear plastic and white foam.

Un-Cure CA Debonder 1 oz

Bob Smith Un-Cure CA Debonder 1 oz

Insta-Cure Super Thin CA .5oz

Features 1/2oz Great for Balsa

Insta-Cure Super Thin CA 2oz

Features 2oz Super Thin CA Glue Great for Balsa and Wood Applications

Bob Smith Industries Insta-Cure+ Gap Filling Cyanoacrylate .5oz

Features 1/2oz Gap Filling Cyanoacrylate

Bob Smith Industries Insta-Cure+ Gap Filling Cyanoacrylate 2oz

2oz Gap Filling Cyanoacrylate

Bob Smith Industries Epoxy Slow Cure 30mins 9oz Glue

SLOW-CURE 30 min. epoxy works best for forming reinforcing fillets on joints. It has the highest strength of our epoxies. It is waterproof and more heat resistant. SLOW-CURE can be used for bonding if you're willing to wait overnight. Fillers such as microballoons can be mixed with SLOW-CURE and FINISH-CURE to form a putty-like consistency. Such fillers will usually decrease the working time by about 25%.
(8 items) 1 page