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Vladimir Models Snipe

F3K World Champion Joe Wurts, using his experience as an competitor and aerodynamicist, designed his ideal DLG - the Snipe. The Snipe features both new technology and a design driven by his years of experience in DLG competitions. The design incorporates a high-aspect wing and new airfoils to yield superior launches and long legs to chase those far away thermals.

Product details


Wing - Full spreadtow carbon (SC) CarboLine 39 skins manufactured using new molding technology provide superior strength and stiffness. This process also produces a hard wing skin of foam that is stable and immune to temperature changes.
Wing Mount - A wing mount employs a cone-shaped mating surface which securely locks the wing to the fuselage with lightly torqued fasteners. High launch stresses are spread over the large cone surface instead of small crush-prone bolt openings. The main front wing mount is made from high strength carbon fiber with an embedded aluminum washer.

Airfoil - The Snipe features a new series of proprietary high performance airfoils designed by Joe Wurts.

Streamlined Pod - A removable nose cone on the stream-lined pod easily provides access to RC gear & ballast.

Tail Boom - A single unit tube design saves weight while yielding a stronger structure. A full-length carbon-fiber tube transfers the load of the ground impact without stressing the nose cone. The wing is directly attached to this tube..

Rudder - An asymmetrical rudder provides a superior response during slow flight.

Horizontal Stab - The stab is mounted below the boom, allowing for better pull/spring setup.

Ballast Provision - The Snipe utilizes the same ballast system as the Blaster 3. A lightweight ballast on-a-stick system inside the fuselage allows for the addition of ballast. Ballast may be added ranging from 1.4-2.8 oz.

Accessories - A complete hardware package consisting of all necessary clevises, screws, carbon pushrods, control horns and the carbon launch peg is included.

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