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Vladimir models ELF Pro EL

ELF Pro El is electric version of the Worldwide known mini 1m DLG Elf. Motor included

Product details

Amazingly small size of the model gives the pilot access to places he never dared to fly before (car parking, beaches, etc.). Ready to fly model fit perfect to any car ? Your will ready to fly every time, everywhere.

Add the unmatched aerodynamic performance calculated by Dr. Drela, and we get incredibly controlled, fast, lightweight, and durable plane.

ELF is a radio-controlled plane for everyone. Due to unparalleled controllability it can be easily controlled even by a novice.

ELF Pro El is 99% ready to fly from the kit. The wing is full ready and covered, fuselage is full assembled, tail rods are installed, tail is full ready. You will spend nice half of hour for screw the servos, glue fin by Super Glue and glue 2 horns to the ready slots by Super Glue too.