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Hyperion 1.8mm Gold Bullet CONNECTORS PRO with Shrinktube 1Pair Male and Female

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Hyperion 1.8mm Gold Bullet CONNECTORS PRO with Shrinktube

"Cheap" connectors always end up costing a lot... Poor connections rob power - and the money you spent on motor and batteries. And they can lead to intermittent problems which are hard to diagnose, not to mention crashes...

The new Hyperion "Pro" line of connectors has these advantages:
* Superior Mechanical System to maintain connector tension over many cycles
* Large Contact Surfaces and high-quality real gold plating for lowest resistance
* Highest Current Handling on size/weight basis
* Ribbed Rear Portion for excellent heat shrink grip

Pin Size Weight (1M/1F) Hole Dia. Max Wire Size* Current**

* "Hole Dia" in most cases matches wire gauges used on ESC and Motors with similar current ratings. "Max. Wire Size" is for "Butt Joint" soldering when needed with large wires (center of wire is trimmed to Hole Size, and larger diameter section remaining is soldered flush to back of the connector).

** "Current" is given as CONTINUOUS vs. 30 Seconds. These apply to Battery<>ESC connections or brushed motors. Note that when the connectors are used to connect a brushless MOTOR and ESC, and current is measured at the BATTERY, these ratings can be increased 33%.