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Description: MULTIPLEX FunCub XL. A large multi-function high-wing aerobatic tug doubling as a fun machine.

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More than just fun – it's huge fun!
Introducing the MULTIPLEX FunCub XL. A large multi-function high-wing aerobatic tug doubling as a fun machine. The XL boasts incredible short take-off and landing (STOL) capability. With its large, soft tundra tyres it copes with any terrain, and can be flown just about anywhere.
The RR version is supplied 95% factory-assembled, and will delight you with its tremendous fun factor. It can be ready for the air in about 25 minutes. All you need is a radio control system with at least seven channels, a suitable receiver and two 3S LiPo batteries of 3200 mAh capacity. The FunCub XL responds very accurately to the controls. We provided the model with large control surfaces and plenty of power, and its nicely balanced handling makes it capable of vertical climbs, aerobatics and knife-edge flight - even torque rolls are possible!
A series of very sophisticated design details are a distinctive feature of the FunCub XL, which sets new standards in its class. ""M-frame technology"" ensures an extremely robust fuselage, while strong, lightweight carbon fibre tubes do the same for the wings. The aircraft also includes offset landing flaps and struts with quick-release fittings for fast, ultra-simple rigging at the field.
The FunCub XL features many great details including very elegant LED covers for the optional lighting system based on the POWER-MULTIlight (# 7 3030) - a real eye-catcher. It also includes an aero-tow release as standard, and a large load bay for which a matching parachutist (# 852004) is also available. If you wish to use the supplementary functions, you will need a radio control system with at least ten channels. Naturally a sensible floats set of FunCub XL proportions is also available.
• RR model, completely factory-assembled and painted, decals applied
• Potent brushless motor
• Many supplementary functions raise the fun factor to amazing heights
• Extremely precise, mature flying characteristics
• Offset landing flaps for steep descents and short take-off capability
• Huge, soft wheels provide off-road ability
• ""M-frame technology"" ensures a robust fuselage
• Strong, lightweight carbon tubes in the wings
• Low minimum flying speed
• Suitable for towing gliders (e.g. HERON-size)
• Separate wing panels for ease of transport
• Capable of taking off from virtually any strip
Set Contents:
ELAPOR® model, 95% factory-assembled, including Permax BL-O 4235-0480 motor, MULTIcont BL-60 SD speed controller, 15 x 8" propeller, six Hitec HS-225BB servos, decals applied, comprehensive instructions
Wingspan: 1700 mm
Overall length: 1200 mm
All-up weight: 2850 g
Control channels: 7- 10
RC functions: Rudder, elevator, ailerons, landing flaps, throttle optional aero-tow release, optional load bay, optional navigation lights and landing light
Flight time: approx. 6 min. (6S ~3300Ah)