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Multiplex DogFighter RC Plane, ARF

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MPX264251 Multiplex DogFighter RC Plane, ARF Overview With its brushless motor and bold trim scheme, the DogFighter RC plane from Multiplex is a fighter in every sense of the word. Features Great top speed Neutral flying characteristics Sharp responses for precise aerobatics Comes factory-painted with decals Easy transport with detachable wing Easy battery swap through the canopy

Product details

Unleash The DogFighter
The DogFighter is a great choice for club racing, dog fights or formation flights. It has a wide speed range, but remains a joy to fly. This RC plane comes 95% factory-built with HIMAX C3516-1130 motor, MULTIcont BL-40 S-BEC speed controller and three Nano-S servos. You will also recieve a 10x7" propeller. The DogFighter has a bright green body and bold racing decals applied. This eye-catching model from Multiplex is a thrill to fly. Order yours now.

Multiplex DogFighter

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What you Need
Radio. We recommend the Spektrum DX6 (SPM6700AU1) or DX7 (SPM70001AU)
Battery. We recommend the HP-HV60C2400S3
charger recomended is DT-EVP-C4 charger

Wingspan 882mm
Overall Length 812mm
All-Up Weight Approx. 850g
Wing Area 19dm² Wing Loading 45g/dm²
Control Channels 3
RC Functions Aileron, elevator, throttle, optional rudder
RR Building Time Approx. 15min.
Flight Time Approx. 5 min.

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