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5.8 Ghz Cloverleaf Antennas (2) w90 deg adaptors (RP-SMA) HP-FPCLVLF58SET

5.8 Ghz Cloverleaf Antennas (2) w/90 deg adaptors (RP-SMA) 5.8 Ghz Cloverleaf Antennas (2) w/90 deg adaptors (RP-SMA)

Product details

These Antennas are a great way to improve the performance of your FPV system. These are Right-Hand Circular Polarized Antenna (RHCP) which helps reject "multipath interference”, this is a problem that plagues the standard dipole stock antenna's.

This style of Antenna has been proven to increase range and the video clarity and has become the standard aftermarket upgrade for most FPV systems. These antenna have 3 lobes for the transmitter and 4 lobes for the receiver, they are encased in a smart 2 piece plastic molded mushroom shaped housing. With the included 90 degree adapters you can mount your Antennas from your VTX or VRX either flat or upright.