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Multiplex Heron RC Plane, RR Receiver Ready w Power Set

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The radio-ready Multiplex Heron 2.4m electric glider boasts smooth looks and a luxurious performance. Features High performing electric glider Four-flap wing, with 2.4 wingspan Powerful Permax brushless motor 1.1m in length & 1.3-1.5kg in weight Control your glider with 5 channels Functions include elevator, rudder, ailerons, flaps, throttle for short landing approaches Only takes 15 minutes to put together! Fly for up to 40 minutes, without thermal support Detachable wings for ease of transport

Product details

The Multiplex Heron features T-tail, sophisticated wings, and flowing fuselage lines that reacts well to thermals. This means whenever you’re in the air, you’re performing at your best – because you’re flying with a Multiplex Heron.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the skies, or you’ve earned your stripes, you’ll have fun flying the Heron.

Glide through the air slowly, or impress with aerobatic tricks
Cruise slowly, or perform energetic aerobatics… you can do it all with the Heron. And the four-flap wing makes it possible. It’s super strong with its aluminium tubular spar technology – setting it apart from other 2.4m gliders. Landings are easy, too. Pick your point and land – right on the spot.

If you’re looking for a glider that you can enjoy slow flight on, as well as get aerobatic, it’s no other than the Multiplex Heron. And it’s detachable wings and tailplane make it simple to transport. The sky is the limit, with the Heron. Order yours today.