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E-Flite Adagio 280 Electric Glider, BNF Basic

EFL6550 E-Flite Adagio 280 Electric Glider, BNF Basic A thermal glider and sport plane combined; the E-Flite Adagio RC glider comes with AS3X Technology

Product details


?Assmembly is straightforward
?Z-Foam with carbon fibre reinforcements
?Convenient two-piece plug-in wing
?Comes with AS3X Technology for stability
?Powerful BL280, 1260Kv outrunner motor
?Fast digital servos and Spektrum Nanolite receiver
?Efficient folding propeller
?5-channel control with flaps for aerobatics
?Bold colour scheme

The Graceful E-Flite Adagio

The Adagio RC glider from E-Flite allows you experience soaring in a local park or small field while still offering the functionality of a sport aircraft. It has a very sleek, high aspect ratio wing with a fuselage that allows you to easily connect with the thermals in the air. This wing comes in two pieces, allowing for easy transportation. What's more, because the Adagio is a motorised glider (similar to the E-Flite Allusive) it does not require a hi-start or tow line. If the wind does not give you the lift you need, a push on the throttle stick powers the high-torque outrunner motor and unfolds the propeller, allowing you to ascend. Regardless of whether you want to glide through the air or perform basic aerobatics, the Adagio performs with gusto.

The Adagio is equipped with working flaps, allowing you to improve your lift during takeoff or create drag when landing the glider. You will also notice how the included E-Flite 3.5g servos give you great digital precision and authority. Just like the Ultra Micro Radian, the Adagio is equipped with Artificial Stabilisation 3 Axis (AS3X) technology that is built into the pre-installed Spektrum AR6335 receiver. AS3X smooths out forces such as P-factor, turbulence and torque, making you feel like you are in control of a much larger aircraft. Please note that this glider comes as Bind-N-Fly Basic, so there are few items you will need to complete the model. Please refer to the "What You Need" section below for more details. The Adagio is an outstanding glider from E-Flite. No doubt you will be singing its praises too! Order yours now.