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DNAracer is our latest model for the category of Sport Class/gps-triangle. Its concept is based in the f3b idea, having an easy model to fly thermals and super good performance in distance and speed tasks. 3s View Show image Category Sport Class Gps-Triangle Design Baudis Jiri Airfoil Pflug Dirk Wingspan 4965mm Length 2142mm Wing Area 100.8dm2 Aspect Ratio 24.5 Weight 6000-9000gr

Product details

With a wingspan of 5m and an area of about 100dm2 it becomes a real option to perform at its maximum in gps-triangle distance flying.

It has an f3b based profile and shares the wings with the Diana 2 Scale 1/3 model. As expected, the performance of this model is very high, an aspect ratio of 24.5 gives this model a good glide ratio for distance flying.

This model is designed to have electric power system, and being very reduced in dimentions, it has enough space to hold all equipment inside the fuse.

First results in competition were successful, winning and being in the top three with our Skywalker XL. Also top three positions in speed task.

Details to layup for Sport (GPS Light) and GPS Spreadtow version:

Sport (GPS Light) version:
80g standard carbon / herex / 80g standard carbon ... all flaps and central part double 80g standard carbon
GPS Spreadtow version:
80g HM carbon spreadtow / rohacell / 80g HM carbon spreadtow ... HM wingspar flange roving and web in kevlar honeycomb-carbon composite, all flaps and central part double 80 HM carbon spreadtow