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GM 15 x 8 Folding prop blades

A pair of very high quality GM 15 x 8 folding prop blades, suitable for all typs of F5J setups and other makes of folding prop yokes and spinners.

Product details

These blades are thinner (they have a higher aspect ratio) than normal folding propeller blades, allowing larger diameter blades to be fitted without pulling too much current. This increases the propulsive efficiency of the powertrain. They are also engineered to fold closer to the fuselage, and cause less drag when folded than other props. See photos 3 and 4 for a visual comparison of GM, RF and Aeronaut props, kindly produced by Andre Jeber Demetrio.

Note this product consists of two carbon propeller blades only. The central spinner/yoke assembly is not included. Also it is common for prop blades to not fit all spinner/yokes perfectly as supplied. It is often necessary to reduce the width the blade root slightly to ensure free folding movement. Also the cut out in the spinner cone often needs to be increased to allow the blades to fully extend. The root of the blade should not touch the spinner cone when the prop is fully opened.

GM 15x8 Folding Propeller Blade Specifications
Prop diameter 38 cm 15 in
Prop pitch 20.5 cm 8 in
Weight of two blades 9.3 g 0.33 oz
Width of blade root 7.95 mm
Size of hinge hole 3 mm