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Hyperion HS 2213 High RPM Brushless Outrunner Motor (Kv 2640) For Heli in 370~400 class range, Choose Kv nearest to stock motor, Typically for 3S depending on model, Examples: Blade 400, Heli-Max 400, etc., 3.17mm output shafts

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Hyperion HS 2213 High RPM Brushless Outrunner Motor (Kv 2640)

•For Heli in 370~400 class range
•Choose Kv nearest to stock motor
•Typically for 3S depending on model
•Examples: Blade 400, Heli-Max 400, etc.
•3.17mm output shafts
•PDF Datasheet
The new Hyperion Hs motor series cost more than the "budget" brands, but provide much more value in the short run - and over the years. Hyperion Hs motors are made in cooperation with partner Scorpion, and include only high-rpm Japanese bearings of top quality and lifespan. And like Hyperion Zs airplane motors, everything else inside these is also the very best obtainable. Japanese 0.2mm stator steel, 200C magnets and coil wire (hand-wound), and precision all-CNC construction; These materials lay the foundation on which two years of intensive design and testing have delivered the highest efficiency and most reliable motors ever produced. And stringent ISO 9001 Quality Control insure your maximum satisfaction, present and future.