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Y-22 Long Motor 5000Kv •Weight: 70gr •Shaft dia: 2.3 mm •ESC min: 20A

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Y-22 Long Motor 5000Kv

•Weight: 70gr
•Shaft dia: 2.3 mm
•ESC min: 20A
The Y-Series Hyperion 2-pole, high-rpm motors have it all; they are specifically designed to virtually drop-in replace both "Speed 300" Mabuchi 370 motors in gearboxes and ducted fans, and "Speed 400" class motors for geared applications.

Motor diameter match SP300 for just-right fit in GWS and other "300" class gearboxes, GWS EDF-55/64, WemoTec Micro, and Alpha Models Ducted Fans.

For 400-class models, they can replace Hacker B20 L, HiMark/HiMaxx 2025 motors, and other 2-pole motors of similar Kv.

From front to back, only the highest quality materials and components are used. For example, the high-speed, shielded stainless bearings in the Y-Series are made by NMB Japan; expensive for Hyperion to install, but well worth it for smoothness and longevity.

Recommended stick mount gearbox is Hyperion XG-400, which can fit any GWS spinner with 4mm shaft hole.