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Z-3007 26-Turn 1236Kv •Weight: 75gr •Shaft dia: 4 mm •Lipos: 3S •ESC min: 20A

Product details

Z-3007 26-Turn 1236Kv

•Weight: 75gr
•Shaft dia: 4 mm
•Lipos: 3S
•ESC min: 20A
The new Z30 Series Hyperion Outrunners are big brothers to the immensely popular Z22 motors, and share their quality in materials and design. From front to back, only the highest quality materials and components are used. The arrangement of twelve stator poles and fourteen magnet poles is primarily responsible for the high torque the Z Series generates on direct drive.

One thing you'll notice immediately about the Z30 series is the tapered nose. It isn't just pretty! There were two design objectives accomplished: The extra length in the bearing tube means that the spacing between the three bearings is increased, which provides much needed extra support to the outer rotor. Motors without this feature tend to develop high-frequency vibration which can loosen magnets. Equally importantly, the tapered nose has an end diameter of only 28mm and a set of mounting holes with 19mm spacing, which allow it to mount in places similar-sized outrunners never could before. The wires also exit 12mm (~1/2") behind the motor face, which means that there is clearance for the wires even in tight glider fuselages.

These motors have the highest efficiency we have ever recorded, up to 85%, and everybody who has tried them remarks on their tremendous power and cool running temperatures.