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Hyperion ZS 4045 10-Turn 292Kv Made of the finest materials, Extreme efficiency and Power output, Longest life, Highest value

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Hyperion ZS 4045 10-Turn 292Kv

•Made of the finest materials
•Extreme efficiency and Power output
•Longest life
•Highest value
The new Hyperion Zs motor series cost more than "budget" brands, but provide much more value in the short run - and over the years. Simply put, everything inside and out is the very best obtainable. Japanese 0.2mm stator steel and NMB bearings, 200C magnets and coil wire (hand-wound), and precision all-CNC construction; All these lay the foundation on which two years of intensive design and testing have delivered the highest efficiency motors ever produced. And stringent ISO 9001 Quality Control - plus extra care such as magnet temperature batch testing - insure your maximum satisfaction, both present and future.

The Zs40 series replace our previous Z40 series airplane motors. While the Z series remain fine motors and still compete with every other high-quality brand in the market, the new Zs simply blow away the competition on performance. On average, when the a Zs motor is configured to turn the same prop at the same rpm as the "Z", it will consume 13% to 18% less power from the battery, due to large gains in efficiency. This allows you to use a smaller-capacity Hyperion G3 LiPo pack to achieve the lowest possible flying weight. Or you can fly much longer on the same size pack and have that pack last longer, due to reduced stress on the battery. Alternatively, you may choose to "push" the Zs series motors much harder, as they can handle more power without overheating - due to both their increased efficiency and also construction using the highest-temp-rated magnets and coil wire available.

The Zs40 come with an extensive hardware package containing: 4.0mm Female gold connectors and shrink tube (to match male plugs preinstalled on motor wires), prop adapter, Cross-piece with M4 blind nuts and matching bolts for firewall installation. Note that the Zs40 series are "backmount only" (a.k.a. radial mount), as large outrunners cannot be reliably front-mounted in most models.