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iMax X400 Twins Touch Screen Balance Charger

Power Up With The iMax X400 Twins Touch Screen Balance Charger First came theX200 touch screen charger followed by the X350 and the X100. Now, the people over at iMax have stepped up their game once again and have released the X400 Twins Touch Screen Balance Charger. This two-channel charger (thus the name Twins), takes everything iMax has learned from their previous touch screen chargers and packs it into one compact package with more capabilities than any of its predecessors.

Product details

PRODUCT: X400 Touch Screen Charger

SCREEN SIZE: 4.3”, 480 x 272
COMPATIABLE CELL TYPES: LiPo/LiIon/LiFe 1-6 cells, NiCd/MiMH 1-16 cells, Pb 1-10S
CHARGE RATE: Two packs at .1 – 15.0A, 1 pack at.1 – 20.0A.
DISCHARGE RATE: Two packs at .1 – 3.0A, 1 pack at .1 – 6.0A.
CHARGE MODES: Fast charging, balance charging, charge, discharge, circulating charge/discharge
SAFTEY TIMER: Programmable from 10 – 200 minutes
USER MEMORY: Six programmable profiles per channel
USB PORT: 5V, 2.1A
Fantastic, easy to use large touch screen interface
Can balance charge 2 LiPo packs at up to 15a at the same time
Can balance charge 1 LiPo pack at up to 20a
Can charge LiPo packs up to 6S in size
Can charge just about anything
It graphs the progress of the battery as it chargers
I can charge my iPhone or iPad with the USB port
Stylus is included for people with sausage-link-type fingers
The X400 is able to charge every hobby pack available; simply hook it up to a LiPo, LiFe, LiIon (1-6S), NiMH, NiCD (1-16 cells) and even Pb/lead acid batteries (1-10S) right to it. It can charge them all. Like many top end chargers, the X400 is DC (direct current) only, so you will need a power supply before you get charging.