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EGIDA Extra Strong Layup

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Technical Specs Wingspan 3625 mm Length 1670 mm Ratio 20,5 Wing area 64,2 dm2 •Flying weight Now with the New stronger Fuss

Product details

Jaro has always been a leader in composite molding technology in the model sailplane industry. The EGIDA is his largest leap forward.

The servos drive system is called fully integrated servo design. Both the flap servo and the aileron servo mounts are located at the root of the wing. The aileron servo goes in front of the spar and the flap servo goes behind the spar in separate pockets. The linkage is already installed, so all you have to do is slide in your servo. If it is not 12 mm you have to shim it, and screw in one set screw that holds the servo head to the torque rod. The torque rod goes from the servo head to the linkage where it hooks up to a ball bearing supported pushrod system that is internally hooked up to the flap or aileron. The pockets fit servos that are 12mm or thinner, so they will easily fit a 761 or 809. The entire linkage is internal and tighter than any linkage we have felt. The only slop in the surface is the slop from the servo.

Jaro also found a way to mold the surfaces outside of the wing mold and still have a live hinge. This creates an extremely stiff surface, and a hinge that will not wear out like taped hinges.