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Jeti Model Duplex EX R4RES Receiver

The Jeti R4 RES 4 channel receiver has been specially designed for the increasingly popular competition category of electric powered gliders eRES. The receiver has height and timing functions built in.

Product details

The Jeti R4 RES receiver is a special type for use in the popular electric glider competition class eRES. Featuring 4 channels and built in height measuring and timing functions, this receiver eliminates the need (and cost) of a separate height limiting device. Settings and telemetry functions are limited as per the specifications set for F5J competition.

Compact, lightweight, and saves space and money.
Weight [g]30
Dimensions [mm] 62 x 38 x 16
Number of channels 14
Telemetry Yes
Operating temperature range [° C] -10 to 85
Compatible protocols DUPLEX 2.4 GHz EX, EX Bus
Antenna length [mm] 2x 400
Supply voltage [V] 3.5 - 8.4
Average current [mA] 40
Support for satellite receivers Yes
Max. output power [dBm] 15
Receiver sensitivity [dBm] -106
Stabilization Assist No
Frequency 2.4GHZ