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Jeti Model REX 10 Assist Receiver w Telemetry and Stabilisation

Jeti Model REX 10 Assist Receiver w/ Telemetry and Stabilisation 10 channel full-range receiver with integrated Assist stabilisation, compatible with JETI EX & EX Bus protocols. Supports telemetry functions and stabilisation of airplane and multicopter models.

Product details

Up to 16 stabilised airplane channels.
Support for different multicopter types – from tricopters to octocopters.
Up to 3 adjustable flight modes, options for stabilizing the horizon and altitude.
Inflight gain tuning using free channels.
Using the latest 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and barometric altimeter.
Support for LED strip consisting of WS2812 chips.
Support for external camera gimbal driven by servos.
Intelligent fail-safe.
Vibration analysis.
Full setup options with DC/DS transmitters or via PC.
Available telemetry: Receiver voltage, signal quality, Gforce, attitude orientation.
Support of telemetry and up to 3 sensors connected directly.