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jeti Model DS16 II Carbon Line Light Yellow Transmitter

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The JETI DS-16 II Carbon Line Light Yellow is the second handheld variant of this world-class radio, with black carbon trim and light yellow/champagne highlight features on the transmitter. It also includes an REX 10 receiver and an aluminium carry case.

Product details

Light Yellow highlight features on Tx case
Australian approved transmitter
Australian approved 240V AC charger included
Now with a full colour TFT LCD display
Now supports MP3 files with an internal microphone
Mode changeable. Modes 1, 2, 3 and 4 can be selected
Voice commands and 900 Mhz NG back up are available as an optional cost extra
Built in tri axis accelerometer with gyroscope, via which it is possible to control extra functions of the model
A backlit LCD display placed on the top side of the transmitter offers perfect clarity under any lighting conditions with a wide viewing angle
High display resolution and the application of a relatively large amount of graphic images allows a simple and intuitive setting procedure, especially for displaying telemetry data
Built in Telemetry – from the beginning the DS16 transmitter has been developed with regards to clear display properties and the full use of telemetry for model RC control
Design of the DS16 II Transmitter – the main goal was excellent user comfort, exclusive and customisable appearance and longevity by the use of premium quality materials
metal quad ball raced stick units are super smooth with magnetic Hall sensors
Li-Ion Battery – a reliable energy source with high capacity and long service life
Easy Charging – simply done by connecting the mains adapter to the transmitter. The charging process is shown in the DS16 display
Integrated 2.4 Ghz Antenna – the antenna forms an integral part of the transmitter and is protected against mechanical damage
Software upgradeable. Your JETI transmitter will never become obsolete
Voice alerts
Bi-directional transmission of RF signals and telemetry data
Fully assignable switches and pots
REX 10 receiver included