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Jeti Wireless Power Switch 5A RCPS5

For the first time ever, your models receiver system can be turned ON/OFF with a simple flip of the switch, wirelessly from the Jeti DC/DS transmitter. The RCPS5 wireless switch fully replaces any mechanical as well as any electronic switch.

Product details

State-of-the-art device that sets Jeti as a leading designer and manufacturer of radio control systems. Wireless power switch is fully integrated into the 2.4GHz radio system. For first time your receiver can be turned ON/OFF with simple flipping of the switch wirelessly from the Jeti DC/DS transmitter.

RC Switch operation and setting is done using a Jeti Model Duplex DC/DS transmitters only. Switching ON is indicated by a green LED light that is visible through the opening on the side of the RC Switch.
Wireless Switch Power Switch 5A
Type Wireless RC Switch
Max Input Voltage 24V
Min Input Voltage 3.3V
Current Consumption 20mA
Output Current 5A Continues
Dimensions 38mm x 20mm x 7mm
Weight 8g
Applications Jeti Duplex EX Devices
RC Switch Setting
Wireless ON/OFF operation and setting is done using RC Switch setting of the Jeti Duplex DC/DS line of the transmitters. Binding, Switch Assignment as well as Sound Assignment all set wirelessly from the transmitter.