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Jeti High Voltage Regulator Inline HVR 1W 9.5-59V (3-16S)

BEC Inline High Voltage Manufacturer Jeti Model Type Switching Regulator Max Input Voltage 59V (16S) Min Input Voltage 9.5V (3S) Output Voltage 5.5V Output Current 150mA Continues Dimensions 20mm x 7mm x 5mm Weight 2.5g Max #Servos 1 Inline Connector Universal JR/Hitec/Futaba Applications On-Board Electric Devices

Product details

The new Jeti High Voltage Inline regulator is the only high voltage switching BEC designed to regulate the voltage from your 9.5-59V (3S-16S) power source and provide stabilized output voltage of 5.5V up to 150mA. Works with any on-board electric device (Lights, Pumps, Retracts) in need of stable regulated power supply.

A dedicated High Voltage Regulator is a great way to use single battery for all your On-Board devices.