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Jeti Voltage Regulator Inline Single BEC 5.5-8.4V1A

Jeti Voltage Regulator Inline Single BEC 5.5-8.4V/1A The new Jeti Inline Single BEC is designed to regulate the voltage from your 5.5-8.4V power source and provide an output voltage of 5.5V up to 1A for your dedicated servo (Heli Gyro/Tail Servo). Works well with any servo. A dedicated Voltage Regulator per servo is a great way to protect the rest of the servos and the receiver.

Product details

BEC Inline Single BEC
Manufacturer Jeti Model
Type Linear Regulator
Max Input Voltage 24V (Recommended 8.4V)
Min Input Voltage 5.5V
Output Voltage 5.5V
Output Current 1A Continues/15A Peak
Dimensions 19mm x 9mm x 6.5mm
Weight 2.5g
Max #Servos 1 Inline
Connector Universal JR/Hitec/Futaba
Applications Airplanes/Helicopters