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Aloha F5J 3m

We present Aloha F5J - new ultra light competition F5J glider! It has 3 m wingspan and flying weight only 730 g in most lite version. Light weight and a fairly small wingspan allow Aloha to easily handle weak thermals at low altitude.The wing and tails are made with solid Rohacell or XPS core. Two versions of tail are available - V-tail and classic. See some info about placing of the equipment in the pictures.

Product details

Aloha F5J 3m is available for order now!

Aloha F5J is available with Rohacell® or XPS foam core. Rohacell® core is more rigid and can be glued by cyanoacrylate. XPS foam core can be glued only epoxy, no CA!

Light weight version is made of carbon fabric 26 g/m2. Standard weight version of the wing is made of carbon fabric 36 g/m2. Strong wing - checkered carbon fabric 62 g/m2. Different versions are made with different spars. Ailerons and flaps have a carbon torsion bar, that increases the rigidity.

The kit includes a center section of wing, left and right tips, a fuselage, tails, a ballast tube, rods with tube, a set of accessories and a set of wing wires with connectors.