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The KST X06H is with the horizontal mount tabs. Perfect for installations where the servos are mounted laying flat, such as in wings and certain fuselages.

Product details

The KST X06 has been years in the making, leading the market in ultra-small high performance servos. At 7mm thick and a very small footprint, the X06 is the perfect fit for 1-meter DLGs and other small gliders.

Full metal construction sets the X06 apart from its competitors with plastic mechanicals which flex under pressure. The high torque and precision of the X06 allows you to setup your model to its highest performance potential.

Technical Specifications:
Dimensions: 19.3 x 7 x 20 mm
Torque @ 0.8 kg.cm@3.8V
Torque @ 1.5 kg.cm@6V
Torque @ 1.8 kg.cm@8.4V
Speed @ 0.12sec/60@3.8V
Speed @ 0.08sec/60@6V
Speed @ 0.07sec/60@8.4V
Weight: 6g