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KST X08N v5.0

This is the N or tabless version of the X08 v5.0. The tabless version allows you to install the servo in tight spaces directly with glue, without having the cut the tabs off yourself. Especially useful in fuselages where space is at a premium

Product details

The main feature of the V5.0 is the new custom chip that helps provide a stronger and more precise response around the center, allowing better accuracy in flight and better flight tuning. Gears were slightly tweaked to help fight slop, while the total travel has been increased to 120 degrees for big flap deployment during landing for precise QT's.
KST's continual strive for performance has resulted in the KST X08, with 1us resolution and deadband, the X08 is the most precise servo made by the company. At an incredible 8 mm thickness and very small overall dimensions, this servo will fit in any tight space you want.

To meet the demands of DLG pilots, the KST X08 is designed from the ground up to be 1s and 2s LiPo compatible, making it possible for the pilot to choose any number of battery configurations to suit personal preference.

Choose the "Pack of 10 + 1 Free" option and save money! 11 servos for the price of 10!

Include the Pull-String Servo Pulley for improved mechanical resolution, precision, torque and holding power around the neutral area compared to conventional pull-string installations.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 23.5 X 8 X 16.8 mm
Torque @ 1.4 kg.cm@4.2V
Torque @ 2.2 kg.cm@6V
Torque @ 2.8 kg.cm@8.4V
Speed @ 0.18sec/60 @4.2V
Speed @ 0.15sec/60 @6.0V
Speed @ 0.09sec/60 @8.4V
Weight: 8g